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Upcoming Group Therapy Sessions for Sudan

During the group sessions we will do 15 minutes of gentle yoga and breathing. You do not need prior yoga experience to join. The movements will be simple and easy to follow. We will then come together to share what is happening around us and inside us.


The sessions are confidential. All sessions are free

Why join Group Therapy?

Feelings of helplessness, heaviness, overwhelm, anger and rage are very present for those in Sudan and for those watching from afar. There is no silver pill that will rewind the tape and take us back to the Sudan of before. There is no meditation that can be shared that will make it all go away. 

And yet, there is community and there is a way of being together so that the pain is heard, held and shared together.  There are meditations that can allow us to feel that we are here right now, and in this moment we are ok. In the groups we share, we meditate, we pray. Doing this allows the contractions in the body to soften, so that over time the tensions do not become strong like an armor. The shedding creates space to be with yourself and with your family and friends. 


Join us for group therapy sessions. Group sessions are confidential spaces.

If you do not wish to join a session, it important to find a way to release the tension. Dance, scream into a pillow, stomp your feet, shake, do some yoga poses - move the stuck energy out of the body. I appreciate that finding privacy may be challenging. If your brother, mother or aunt are in the room, tell them to join you. If they feel you are being irrational, express that these are abnormal times that call for you to tend to your needs in irrational ways.


By releasing the tensions, you tend to yourself and in turn can care for others. 

Would you like to join a group session?

These are sessions for people living inside and outside of Sudan. Join us. 

You can also email me directly at

Thanks for submitting!

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