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Retreats & Trainings

Retreats crafted to address the challenges we face as women and men living and working in North Africa and the Middle East. The retreats provide a space to be ourselves, openly sharing our realities, our pain and our stories. We honor our individuality along with our collective heritage. 

2023 Retreats

Inner journey.jpeg
Inner journey.jpeg

1 year program
Applications opening soon

This is a 1 year program for women who live or work in North Africa and the Middle East. The program will be composed of 3 in-person retreats. 

The retreat is a personal and collective exploration through the body into:

  • IDENTITY: Who am I as a women, a daughter, a mother

  • RELATIONSHIPS & FAMILY: Where are my boundaries, how much of me remains as I engage with another

  • CULTURE & RELIGION: Surfacing the undertones that shape our life and seeing what serves us and what holds us back

  • INTEGRATION: How do I accept and integrate all aspects of who I am into my Core?

"I feel therefore I am.'" Franklin Sills 


Past Retreats & Trainings

Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 hrs

Team of facilitators

Nathalie Bittar - Creator

Ali Cramer - Ayurveda

Kate Johnson - Meditation

Dr. Lori Zucker - Anatomy

Samara Andrade - Trauma

Eszter Farkas - Acroyoga

The only official yoga teacher training programs held in Khartoum, Sudan. 

World-wide retreats

Retreats held in Sudan, Port Sudan, Hungary and Spain

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