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A three day retreat for Sudanese women living in Cairo, effected by the outbreak of war and struggling with anxiety, depression and grief 

Release & Reconnect

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Key information

A three day program for Sudanese women living in Cairo who fled the war in Sudan. Apply to join a program in Egypt that aims to help you heal and restore your energy and find community

You will spend three days and three nights in a beautiful location close to Cairo. You will sleep at the location. Food and the accommodations will be paid for by Blue Nile Lotus.  

Dates: October 12 - 15

Location: Cairo

For whom: Sudanese women

Cost: The program is free

How to Apply: Click the Apply button and fill out the application before September 1st 

Students in Cafeteria

What is the Program about?

Healing the wounds of trauma

The program is designed for Sudanese women living in Cairo to come together in a safe community and work through the wounds of trauma and develop resilience for the future.


As a Sudanese woman who endured the impacts of the war- directly or indirectly- you may be living with unspeakable traumas. Perhaps you find yourself in survival mode, adapting to a new culture while trying to meet basic needs of safety, shelter and livelihood. The laws around visas and residency are constantly changing, making it difficult for you to feel safe and grounded. This program hopes to support you through this process and find renewed strength.
The program invites you to come to a safe resting place where you will be able to restore your mental and physical health. Through the tools that will be shared and the community that will be created, the hope is that you will refuel and approach your situation in a new light. While you are unsure when you will return home, this programs aim is to help you to accept the transitional space you are currently in and perhaps even use it as a platform for personal growth.


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Who is the program for? 

The program is for Sudanese women who were recently affected by the outbreak of war in Sudan and are struggling with anxiety, depression, withdrawal, alienation and grief.

Are you struggling with any of the following? If yes,  this program is for you.

  • High levels of anxiety

  • Depression, numbness, withdrawal and sleep deprivation

  • Feeling unsafe, on high alert, scanning for potential danger. Unable to relax out of fear that something dangerous or bad will happen again

  • Feeling uprooted and alienated in your new surroundings

  • Grief from separation from your families and from your country

Meditating on Beach

What will I learn?

You will be staying for three nights in a safe and confidential location. During the time there, we will run workshops to help release trauma from the body and mind. Some of the activities which will be done are listed below. All activities are optional, you can chose to skip parts of the program.


  • Education on the effects of trauma and how it manifests in the body and mind. We explore how escaping from your home, being separated and perhaps loosing loved ones can affect your mental health.

  • Group sharing circles. In the confidential circles you can share whatever feels repressed or heavy. Sharing is always optional,.

  • Simple Trauma Release Exercises – These are simple exercises that help you release stored trauma from the body and create space in the body

  • Gentle Yoga –  You do not need to have any prior experience in yoga. The movements will be explained and will help you to move back into your bodies.

  • Breathing Exercises –  The breathing exercises will help you to manage anxiety and bring the nervous system back into balance

Arm Around Shoulder

What will I get out of the progam?

The hope is that you will come out of the program with:

  • Reduced anxiety and a readiness to engage more with life

  • A renewed sense of hope and resilience

  • A feeling of belonging and having a community away from home where you feel supported by each other

  • Feeling safe and regaining a sense of trust in life

Group of Friends

Do I have to pay to attend?

No, you do not need to pay to attend. The program is free.


You will be staying at a beautiful and peaceful guest house outside of Cairo. You will share a bedroom and a bathroom with one or two other participants. Three delicious meals will be available every day.

The exact location of the guest house will be shared once your application has been accepted. Transportation to the guest house will be organized and paid for by Blue Nile Lotus. 

Please note that if your application is accepted, please give Amel a deposit of $50. This amount secures your place. If you then decide to cancel your spot, the $50 will be lost. If you do attend, the $50 will be returned to you after the retreat.


There are a limited number of spaces. We ask that if you decide to apply, that you are 100% certain to join. Please do not cancel last minute as you will be taking the space of someone else who would like to join.

Nat & Eszter.jpeg

Nathalie & Eszter

Eszter and I lived in Sudan and have a deep love of the country. I am the fourth generation to grow up in Khartoum. My origins are from the Middle East. I started Blue Nile Lotus in 2008 where many Sudanese and expats came to practice yoga and meditation. Numerous individuals were trained at Blue Nile Lotus and earned their teacher training certificate. Eszter is Hungarian and worked for the UN when in Sudan.  Eszter is an amazing yoga and meditation teacher. Together we have run retreats and workshops worldwide. 

When the war broke out in Khartoum, our hearts ached. I had been in Khartoum a month before the outbreak of war and had started dreaming about spending more time in Sudan. Neither Eszter nor I went through what most of you went through.  What we would like is to be with you in community and offer tools to help you move through your own experience. We wish to create the space for you to remember who you are at your core. We hope to create a sense of community, so that you feel held during these challenging  times. We are not coming with western tools to resolve your trauma. We are aware that the institutions that come to ‘save or help’ are out dated. The healing can only happen by you. If you decide to join, we would be honored to accompany you as you move towards wellness



  • Masters in Core Process Psychotherapy - a form of Spiritual Psychotherapy 

Yoga & Meditation​

  • Founder of Blue Nile Lotus yoga studio in Sudan

  • Tibetan Medicine, 2018

  • Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Program at Spirit Rock, 2012

  • Tibetan Heart Yoga, 2010

  • Vinyasa Yoga Certificate at Laughing Lotus, 2008

  • Prenatal Yoga with Cyndi Lee, 2008


  • ​Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Tara Brachand Jack Kornfield, 2022

  • Functional Approach to Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, 2020

  • AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Certification, 2017

  • Basic Thai Yoga Massage Course, 2016

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification, 2014

Amal & Tayseer

Amal & Tayseer are both Sudanese yogis who graduated with the Internationally acclaimed Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification. They have both taught yoga and meditation in Sudan at Blue Nile Lotus and privately. We are honored to have them assist the the program. 

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