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I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless

I will not fix you, for you are not broken

I will not heal you, for I see you in your Wholeness

I will walk with you through the darkness, as you remember your light  -Sheree Bliss Tilsley

Psychotherapy in London

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As we embark on a journey

These are interesting times. Loneliness, anxiety, fear and confusion are woven into our daily lives. My role is to journey alongside you as you approach and explore these emotions. We embark on this inquiry within a safe, supportive and confidential space. Through a joint exploration we see how you relate to your experiences while bringing awareness to your inner world.​


If you feel these emotions present and would like a safe space to express, explore or release them, schedule a session with me. 

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How I work

Once we’ve made contact via email or by phone, we will set up an initial meeting where you can find out more about the work and decide if you want to take things further. 

We will then schedule a weekly session where you will have an allotted hour at the same time every week. This provides for continuity for you to process whatever you have decided to work on. We would review our therapy relationship regularly to see how the therapy is going for you.

Sessions are currently being offered online. 

The sessions are an hour long and cost £60.

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What Psychotherapy Can Offer

  • A safe space to come into contact with overwhelming emotions and allow them to diffuse

  • A new way of relating to the past and the present

  • An ability to notice patterns and create space for choice 

  • Self-acceptance and kindness 

  • Revived discovery of the sacredness of your life

  • An authentic relationship with yourSelf, the world and others

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Who I am

I am trained in Core Process Psychotherapy. The uniqueness in this form of therapy is that it offers unconditional kindness, nonjudgemental presence, and calmness in the face of difficulty. It is a space to share and reflect on emotions without fear of judgement or pressure to act. The goal of my work is to hold a deeply grounded and honest space. Within this space we will work through the emotions, memories, fears held in your being, so that you can reconnect to a sense of spaciousness and presence.  

As an Arab women, I am drawn to working with those who wish to work through shame, guilt, fear, repression with the hope of reconnecting to our core and authenticity. 


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."   

Lao Tzu