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Retreat Details

Preparation information for the retreat

This page includes information about the retreat, which you have already recieved through email. We wanted to create one place where you could easily find this information. 

If you have questions that are not addressed below, pls contact us at

Buses to and from Fayoum

We have organized two buses to transport you from Cairo to Fayoum. You have been assigned to a specific bus. . If you would like to change the bus that you have been assigned to, pls email Tayseer at and let her know before Monday October 2nd.

  • Child's Park

Nasr City Via Makram Obaid in the corner of Sanhoury bridge

386W+PWG, Makram Ebeid, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 4450420, Egypt

Child's Park

Bus Coordinators: Rawya Hassan Egypt number is 0112 3742208 My other Sudanese number on WhatsApp is; +249910114574 + Noon Khalil 01080165910

  • Abdeen Palace Park

Downtown the gate that opens to Abou Amer Garage

ميدان الجمهورية, El-Gomhoreya Square، عابدين، القاهره, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Abdeen Palance Park 

Bus Coordinators: Rania Aziz (+249914103393) + Marram Karrar (+201129579382)

The buses will be ready to pick you up at noon on Thursday October 12th. Pls be on time as the bus will not wait for you. We suggest that you bring snacks for the ride.

Emergency Contacts

Tayseer: +249 91 820 8658 or 01096851881

Amal: +249 12 187 9990

How to get there?

We are organizing two buses that will leave from Cairo on Thursday October 12th at 12:00pm sharp.

You MUST be on time. The bus will not wait for you as we are working to a tight schedule.

The buses will return you to Cairo on October 15th. You will be back in Cairo around 4:30- 5:00pm

Living in community

A small note about the concept of community. It is important to share that this is a pilot program. We received a very small grant. No one on the team is being paid. We all want to do this because we feel it is where we want to put our time and efforts. I share this because while we are doing our best to create a comfortable and safe container, this is not a luxury holiday getaway. Everyone (participants and facilitators) are expected to take care of themselves and of the guest house. This includes keeping our rooms tidy and cleaning up. There are no maids or cleaners - it is our responsibility to look after the space.

Everyone will also be given a task to do at the retreat. For instance washing the dishes after breakfast, cleaning up the practice room, etc.. This is a communal retreat where we are all taking care of the space and of each other. 

What to pack

What to pack and bring

  • Your valid passport and residency permit      

  • Comfortable clothing to move in - such as shorts, comfortable pants

  • Yoga mat or a towel or blanket

  • Bathing suit

  • A journal and two pens

  • Personal toiletries, like shampoo, toothpaste, shower soap

  • Shower towel + pool towel (2 towels)

  • Slippers

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Any medications that you are taking

  • If you said that you could make a donation, pls bring this amount with you in an envelope saying "Donation". We are very grateful for your donations.

  • Snacks for the road trip to Fayoum

Giving Back

Giving back

A lot of people have offered their time for free to make this retreat possible. I am wondering if there are any artists, painters, bakhour makers, poets, or handy-craft makers who would be willing to make gifts to give to those who have offered their time for free. If you are a creative person who has the time to make something, please do get in contact with me. I would be most grateful to connect with you. Thank you.

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